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The Wee Marketing Agency (TWEEMA) was founded in 2014 by veteran marketer - Jun Wee. With over a decade of diverse experience in marketing, she has led teams and overseen projects in various industries for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) companies. She has worked on both sides of the table, in an agency and as a client for established brands, before starting out on her own.


At TWEEMA, she has worked with international clients on small to medium-sized projects spanning social media, content marketing, SEO, branding and go-to-market business strategy for numerous digital marketing campaigns.


A native Singaporean, Jun is more than just effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin - two of the most important languages in the world, but speaks a bit of Japanese and German as well.


Being labelled a Euro-phile by many who know her, Jun has travelled beyond the comfort zone of Asia Pacific to many far flung places in Europe during for work and as a personal interest. Her global work experience, deep understanding of working with different cultures and knowledge of the local market, is perfect for businesses looking to expand their reach and growth in foreign markets.

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