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noun: strategy; plural noun: strategies

Origin: Greek - stratēgos, stratēgia (generalship), from early 19th century: French - stratégie, English - strategem


Our definition:

1. The ability to understand a client's problem and current business situation and transform it into an advantage.

2. Building a stratagem around a client's requirements, using an agency's suggestions to tackle the problem.

3. Finding the right solution to a problem, be it demand creation, data analytics and consumer marketing.

Our 3-step approach

i. Research
With our pulse on the local market, we offer valuable insights to make sure the right strategic decisions are made for the best results.

ii. Solution
To find a solution, we must get to the root of the problem and be able to identify it. 

iii. Tools
We will pick the right tools to fix your problem. No shortcuts or gimmicks included.


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