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Dragon Boat Festival

 2014 Dragon Boat Festival or "Duanwujie" Google doodle

2014 Dragon Boat Festival or "Duanwujie" Google doodle

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! This Chinese festival is commonly celebrated and known in Singapore as the "Dumpling Festival". 

On this day, one can watch dragon boating competitions around Singapore. There is an annual dragon boat competition held at Bedok Reservoir. Chinese gather around to eat sticky rice dumpling treats or zhongzi and commemorate the death of a famous Chinese poet and minister Qi Yuan who was accused of treason. Qi Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in a river. The locals who were full of admiration for him made glutinous rice dumplings and threw them in the river in hopes that the fish would eat them instead of Qi Yuan's body.

Today's Google doodle on the search engine features the Chinese festival as pictured above. Most may not have even remembered the date of this significant festival without a pleasant reminder from Google.

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