Facebook's Ad Revenue Soars. When Should You Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook's advertising revenue has been increasing of late as the value of payments and advertising per user rises. {Infographic: TechCrunch.com]

With close to 1.3 billion active users [source: statista.com], notable acquisitions of wildly popular mobile apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp and the launch of a global internet project to provide free wi-fi access to developing countries of the world, the social media giant seems geared up for a wonderful ride in the year ahead.

With Facebook's ad revenue looking all rosy in Europe, North America and their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) poised for growth in Asia and other emerging markets, what significance does this have on your business whether you own a Facebook page (or what we like to call a digital market-space) or not?


How does this affect your business?

Here are three important questions with a subset of other queries you should ask yourself if you would like to leverage Facebook to further grown your business.


Is your business on Facebook?

  • How are you marketing your business currently?
  • Are you completely satisfied with your business' position in the industry?
  • If you could, how would you like to improve your business by leaps and bounds?
  • Where is your business plan in terms of a digital marketing strategy?
  • Are you ready to start a social media marketing plan for your new or existing Facebook page?


How are you capitalizing on business opportunities?

  • How many customers do you have? 
  • How many more customers would you like to have? 
  • What other new business markets would you like to explore? How do you keep in touch with your customers? 
  • What is the online behaviour of your customers like? 
  • How can you communicate with your customers more efficiently?


Do you know how to measure returns or ROI (Return On Investment) on Facebook?

  • If you are managing a facebook page, what do you know about goal setting, measuring your analytics and achieving the desired business results?
  • What tools or forms of measurement do you use to determine the success or failure of your facebook advertising campaign?


If you have trouble answering one or more of the above questions thoroughly, fret not. Drop us a quick note and find out how we can help you and your company achieve digital marketing success on Facebook and other online platforms.